Make your own free website on provides our IRC chat services at no cost to the user. If you would like to make a donation to help defray the costs of operating and maintaining the network please do so! Donations are accepted through PayPal's secure payment system. We will add your name to the the donors hall of fame in thanks!

Donations are accepted through PayPal's secure payment system.

WebTV click on the WebTV logo for links to chat on the Network! 

Java IRC Client for Java capable Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator

There are several ways you can use our Internet Relay Chat services. One of the easiest is to use our jIRC Java Client for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+/Netscape 4+ web browsers. Just click on the logo below to use the interface! 

Please note : a security dialog may ask "Do you want to  install and run jIRC applet", just click yes and you will be chatting in no time!

NEW! CGI-IRC Web Based Client!!

 Are you behind a firewall and cannot use the the Java client? Using an odd browser? Then this may be the client for you!! Click on the cgi-irc logo above to use it!

If you want to run the CGI-IRC client without any java enabled use this link.

PC IRC Client programs Like mIRC or pIRCh

Another method is to use any common IRC client program such as mIRC , pIRCh, or vIRC. You can find several choices of good IRC clients on repository sites such as  Tucows and Strouds CWS. Once you have the IRC client program installed you will find our servers at :
on ports 6667, 6668, or 6669

Already have mIRC installed????
 Use our mIRC links page to get to many of our most popular rooms!

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